Reducing Phosphorous in your Pond with Biochar™

biochar pond water phosporus reductionBiochar is remarkable, in that it looks like charcoal but is made by a highly controlled process called Pyrolysis that reduces material contamination and increases carbon storage. The result is a lightweight, porous material with a very large surface area.

Biochar has the ability to absorb phosphorous from pond or lake water which is great for maintaining clean water.  Our biochar is available in bags that are ready to place in the water.

Using Biochar to Reduce Phosphorous in Your Pond or Lake

After a reduction of phosphorous occurs due to the absorption ability of biochar, remove the bag  from the water and apply it as an soil amendment for your garden or landscape plantings.  This will help reducing the need to add more supplementary fertilizer.

A sensible reason for using Biochar in your pond or lake water is to reduce phosphorous. It’s like a nutrient relocation process.

Recycling Biochar as a Soil Additive

biocharAdding biochar as a soil amendment is a great idea because of it’s ability to:

• Enhancing soil structure and soil aggregation;
• Increasing water retention;
• Decreasing acidity;
• Reducing nitrous oxide emissions;
• Improving porosity;
• Regulating nitrogen leaching

We will be field testing the phosphorous reduction efficiency of Biochar this year. If you have a pond that has a measurable amount of phosphorous (+0.5 mg/l) and would like to try our product, we will provide you with a simple water testing kit, tech support, and a discounted price for biochar in exchange for the data collected. Contact us at if interested.   Thank you,  Jim