Eel Grass is placed in ponds and lakes to absorb phosphorous and toxic microcystin cells.  Eel Grass units can be easily positioned and removed from the water, cleaned and reused. Made from medical grade polymer, is non-invasive to the environment and leaches no chemical. This open cell foam will last several seasons with proper care.


  Size:  5ft long  with 18 inch fingers. Attachment rope and clips included

One Eel Grass unit provides 1,687.5 of Square Foot surface area. WOW!

In September 2019, research scientist Nancy Leland
utilizing the University of New Hampshire’s Center for
Freshwater Biology performed an independent field-study
of Open-Cell foam. The mesocosm program involved
in the study took place at two Cape Cod, Massachusetts
ponds, Lovell’s and Shubael’s, both in the town of Barnstable.
The field data showed that Open-Cell foam reduced
microcystins in water by 40%-60% in a 10-hour period test
and by 60%-80% in an 18-hour test .