Order this cyanobacteria test to get an estimate for the amount of cyanobacterial biomass in your pond. You will also gain an estimate of the concentration of total microcystin.

This  cyanobacteria test kit will be sent to you with the necessary supplies, good directions for collecting  a pond water sample and a return shipping label.  Lab results will be provided to  you within 3-5 business days from the receipt of the sample.

DO NOT Purchase Other Items When Ordering This Product.

Cyanobacteria Pond Testing and Treatment. This cyanobacteria test kit offers owners of farm ponds, swimming ponds, home owners associations and storm water retention basin managers a lower cost screening estimate of the microcystin concentrations to devise a treatment strategy.  As the cyanobacteria biomass increases there may be measurable decreases in dissolved oxygen levels, fish die-offs, animal kills due to ingestion of cyanobacteria toxins and negative water quality changes.