We offer a great selection of  aquatic plants for your water garden. Available at our farm location for your convenience.  We do not ship aquatic plants, choose from our selection at Willow Pond Koi Farm. Delivery is available for pond maintenance customers

Marginal Aquatic Plants:   for naturalizing the edge of your pond or stream

4″  pots       $ 9.95

1 gallon       $13.95

Partial Listing:     Arrow Arum, Arrow Head, Bog Bean, Cardinal Flower, Cattail, Lizard Tail, Marsh Marigold,

Monkey Flower, Pickerel Rush, Water Iris


Lotus:  (Potted and fertilized)         Build a Lotus Garden, we can show you how or help you do it.

Dwarf Lotus                            $32.95

Medium Lotus                       $48.95

Large Lotus                            $69.95



Hardy Water Lilies:    (potted and fertilized)       hardy  to zone 4          prices range from:   $23.95 – $28.95

Tropical  Lilies:            (potted and fertilized)       bloom into late Fall    prices range from:    $32.95 – $36.95

Hardy Lily Colors:    Red, Pink,  Yellow, Orange, White

Tropical Lily:             Pink, Red, Blue, Purple, White  (day blooming and night blooming available)