This aeration system is suitable for ponds up to one acre in size or ponds with moderate fish densities. We have been using this system at our fish farm to maintain open water in four one half acre ponds. The distance from the compressor cabinet to the last pond is over 1200 feet. Each pond has a single diffuser platform and approximately 400 pounds of fish. During the summer months we turn on the aeration system at night to reduce carbon dioxide and to boost oxygen levels.

The ready to install system incudes:

  •  A weather proof polymer cabinet with a 115volt cooling fan
  •  A  high quality  Matala 1/4 hp. rocking piston compressor, 120 volt,  1.7 amps.  Air filter included
  •  A two valve compressor manifold and air pressure gauge
  •  100 feet of 3/8 inch weighted tubing
  •  One diffuser platform,  2.2 cfm average at 10 feet deep


Price   $ 1179.95

The compressor is warranted by the manufacturer for three years. We have been field testing this compressor for several years and have found it to be dependable and easy to fix if needed. We had one submerged during a flood, allowed to dry out and still worked for a year.  We can answer your questions and provide suggestions regarding the use of aeration for your pond if needed.