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Pond Water Monitoring & Filtration

In order to maintain a healthy pond, whether it be residential, commercial, or agricultural, it is first essential to understand the chemical, biological, and physical parameters of your pond. Then develop and effective water quality maintenance and monitoring strategy.  At National Pond Service, we have the professional capabilities and resources to provide site visits, test your pond water, and effectively evaluate environmental issues such as ground water runoff, sediment, and other factors affecting the health, clarity, and quality of your pond’s ecosystem.

We regularly perform pond water quality monitoring, evaluating for such factors as phosphorous content, fecal coliform, dissolved oxygen, surface water temperature, sub-surface water temperature, water clarity, dissolved and suspended solids, water hardness, ammonia, nitrates, and nitrites, organic sediment, submerged aquatic plants and other organic materials.

We recognize that every pond has it own unique properties and set of challenges. During our initial site visit we will assess your pond conditions, listen to your concerns and provide you with an effective program to improve the overall water quality of your pond, and create a healthy, thriving aquatic ecosystem, including the addition of natural plants and probiotic products to provide long term biological solutions.

Pond Water Filtration Systems

Properly maintaining and managing your pond or water feature is essential to preserving it’s beauty and functionality. Whether it is a retention pond, a residential pond maintained by a homeowners association, a commercial pond, or a residential water feature, each pond is unique but after time all ponds mature and require the reduction of organic nutrients to remain enjoyable.

National Pond Service has many years of experience in correctly sizing, building, installing and maintaining pond water filtration systems. Whether you have a small water garden or a large pond, we can design, install, and maintain an effective pond filtration system to:

  • Improves the water clarity
  • Reduce nutrients
  • Simple to care for and is designed to be incorporated into your existing landscape

Our continuous research in the pond and water garden industry has provided us the ability to design effective water filtration options to fit your pond. We specialize in maintaining and managing diverse aquatic environments, with regular pond and water feature maintenance and water quality analysis to maintain the quality, clarity, and health of your pond, fish, and aquatic ecosystem.