Pond & Water Feature Cleaning & Repair Services

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Pond & Water Feature Cleaning,
Maintenance & Repair

From large pond restoration and maintenance to water feature cleaning and repair, National Pond Service provides professional pond cleaning, repair and maintenance services for all types of commercial, agricultural, and residential ponds and water features, including individually tailored pond maintenance programs to meet the specific needs of our residential, commercial and agricultural clients.

Our regular spring and fall clean-out and maintenance services help preserve the summer health of your aquatic ecosystem by:

  • Reducing and removing organic waste
  • Fish health monitoring and stocking

Our experienced pond maintenance and cleaning staff provides complete pond and water garden opening and closing services. For commercial, agricultural, and residential ponds, we offer seasonal and year round pond maintenance services, scheduling visits on a per-call basis as well as regular monthly or bi-monthly maintenance services to keep your pond or water feature healthy and trouble free.

We also provide comprehensive services to deal with emergencies and other unforeseen events that impact the performance and biological health of your water garden, pond, fountain, and filtration systems.

Water Garden Cleaning & Restoration

A Water Garden is art, full of life. Residential water gardens are aquatic biological ecosystems that receive nutrients in the form of fertilizer, fish food, fish waste, and plant materials. It doesn’t take long for a small pond to become overloaded with nutrients, leading to poor water conditions, and compromised fish and aquatic life health.

We offer pond maintenance and management services on a monthly basis or as needed to keep your pond or water feature looking it’s best. We will:

  • Clean and inspect all mechanical and biological items, including pond filters and pumps
  • Perform water changes and apply probiotic products
  • Trim, fertilize, or add aquatic plants and assess fish health

We take extra care to preserve as much of the original environment during the clean out process to alleviate stress to the fish and aquatic animals in your pond.  Proper care when handling your water plants and pond fish are our top priority.

Our Pond Maintenance & Repair Service Area

National Pond Service provides comprehensive pond, water garden and water features installation, management and maintenance services to residential, commercial, and agricultural clients as well as home owners associations throughout the United States. Our pond care and maintenance services include nutrient reduction, fountain and aeration services, pond construction and repair, shoreline and ecosystem maintenance.

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