cyanobacteria blue green pond algae test kits

Cyanobacteria Pond Water Test Kits

Pond water testing kits for cyanobacteria harmful algae blooms. Blue-green cyanobacteria algae blooms – harmful algae blooms (HAB) – may create toxins that can be harmful or fatal to animals, children, and adults who come into contact with pond water where cyanobacteria is growing. Toxic exposure often occurs during skin contact, ingestion and inhalation of this water.

Cyanobacteria Toxic Blue-Green Treatment and Management is critical to the health and welfare of your pond, your pets, animals, and family. Get your pond water tested now with our easy-to-use sample testing kits to identify the type of cyanobacteria and it’s biomass that is present in your pond and then use probiotic bacteria to apply treatment.

Testing Your Pond Water is As Simple as 1-2-3

    1. Order your test kit, below.
    2. Gather a sample of your pond water and send it back to our lab.
    3. We will provide you with a complete analysis report and recommendations for remediation, if needed.



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