Pond Fountains & Aerators

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Pond Fountains Installation & Maintenance

National Pond Service has been installing Pond Fountains and Aerators for over 20 years for residential, commercial and agricultural customers as well as home owners associations throughout the United States. Fountains not only look great but are an added benefit to your pond.

Fountains help to aerate the pond to stimulate the natural biodegradation of organic waste and pollutants. A fountain helps oxygen to be circulated and absorbed into the water increasing aerobic decomposition as well as supporting better fish health.

National Pond Service’s team can help you determine the right size and type of fountain for your pond or lake based on your needs. We provide pond fountain assembly, installation and removal services, including onsite cleaning and adjustment.

We are a proud distributor of Kasco pond fountains, a brand well known for superior quality, low maintenance pond fountains for both residential and commercial applications.

Pond fountains are available in a variety of sizes and styles suitable for ponds of different sizes, offering aesthetics to suite your personal or corporate tastes and needs, from the subtle to the dramatic.

Pond Aeration Installation & Maintenance

Proper oxygen levels in your pond or water garden are vital to healthy ponds and aquatic ecosystems. Adding aeration to your lake, pond or water garden has many benefits. Pond aeration increases the biological break down of organic materials which settle on the bottom as your pond matures. These materials and excess nutrients often support the growth of algae and reduce water clarity.

Aeration is also used to prevent summer fish kills by mixing oxygen back into the water during hot temperatures and winter fish kills by keeping a hole in the ice allowing gas exchange during freezing temperatures.

Supplemental aeration improves the overall health of your pond or water garden and its inhabitants by mixing oxygen into the water throughout the pond, lowering the overall biochemical oxygen demand and helps to metabolize nutrients that support algae growth.

Pond Aeration Maintenance Services

At National Pond Service, provide complete pond aeration maintenance services, including

  • Cleaning diffusers and airstones
  • Replacing filters and clean compressor cooling fans
  • Moving air diffuser platforms as needed
  • Measuring the dissolved oxygen level in your pond to determine when aeration equipment should be operated.

No pond or water garden is too small or too large to benefit from pond aeration. Protect your investment and let National Pond Service determine if pond aeration should be part of your water treatment program.

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