Planktonic Algae: Pond Water Nutrient Mitigation

plankton pond algaeWinter is finally leaving us here in upstate NY and it’s that time of year where we begin to think spring!  We have officially started off the season with some of our small water garden clean outs.  Check out this round water garden, unique huh?  This water garden is 4500 gallons with a pool liner.

As you can see from the pictures, the water looks green and kind of muddy.  This is not due to dirty water, this is a dense bloom of planktonic algae.  This type of algae floats in the water column.  An over growth of planktonic algae can lead to fish kills in the late summer or fall once air temperatures rapidly drop.

plankton pond algae maintenanceSome things that will help reduce the planktonic algae are installing an aeration system or a UV Clarifier.  Aeration in any water garden or pond is beneficial because you are circulating the water and adding dissolved oxygen.  The UV Clarifier works by passing water through a tube next to the UV bulb.  Having high intensity light reduces the microscopic algae from the green, muddy water.

Looking for expert help? We will be installing a UV Clarifier and we will share the results with you from a future visit.   Have questions?  Just ask!  We are here to help!