National Pond Service Products

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**All Products are eco-friendly and natural. No harm to fish, plants, or other wildlife.

All-Season Pond Bacteria: Apply this product as a maintenance treatment to reduce organic sediments on the bottom of the pond. This will help keep your pond healthy for years to come. Available in 8 oz water soluble packets. Just toss them in!

All-Season Bacteria Pellets: Use this product to digest leaves, branches, and expired aquatic plants that continually settle into your pond. Remove up to three inches of organic material (black muck) per month. Available in ten pound or thirty pound units.

Blue Lake Dye Packets: Dye your pond water to enjoy the natural blue color. Stay clean with our easy to toss packets.

Barley Straw Pellets: Is algae winning? Use barley straw pellets to clarify  your pond water. Available in ten pound or forty pound units.

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