Blue-Green Algae Pond Water Treatment & Prevention

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Blue-Green Algae and Cyanobacteria Treatment & Management in Ponds

Toxic cyanobacteria blue-green algae can occur in lakes and ponds of all sizes, and can be dangerous or fatal to fish, wildlife, pets, and even humans. Toxic cyanobacteria harmful algae blooms are most common in ponds that have excessive nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus which can be caused by runoff, animal waste, failing septic tank systems, natural aquatic plant decay, and other sources.

When these extra nutrients end up in your pond, algae growth is stimulated, resulting in an algae blooms.

Effects of Cyanobacteria Blue-Green Algae Blooms on Pets and Animals

Cyanobacteria produce compounds that are toxic to animals, including pets and humans. These toxins include cylindrospermopsins, microcystins, anatoxins, and saxitoxins. Microcystins are part of the hepatotoxins family which affects the liver.  Anatoxins and saxitoxins are neurotoxins, which affect the nervous system.

Treatment Products for Cyanobacteria Blue-Green Algae Blooms

cyanobacteria pond water treatment productsCyanobacteria Pond Water Treatment Products. The key to effective management of toxic Cyanobacteria blue-green algae blooms is effective pond water nutrient reduction. At National Pond Service, we offer pond water treatment products that are ideal for residential ponds, swimming ponds, fishing ponds, agricultural ponds, and retention basins.

Our field-tested and approved all-natural cyanobacteria pond water treatment products help protect the health of your pond as well as helping to keep your pets and family safe and your aquatic system healthy, clean, and trouble-free.

Do you have a Cyanobacteria Blue-Green Algae problem. Find out today with one of our National Pond Service Cyanobacteria Pond Water Testing Kits.

Pond Filtration: Reducing & Eliminating Harmful Nutrients

pond water filtration aeration productsPond filtration and aeration are important components in reducing the nutrients upon which harmful algae blooms grow and thrive. Biological filtration combined with beneficial bacteria help remove harmful pollutants and nutrients, helping to starve blue-green algae blooms, duckweed, and other nuisance aquatic plants, resulting in a clean, healthy pond.

Our Country Pond Filter is an effective recirculating pond filtration system that supports beneficial bacteria. When nutrient-rich pond water flows into the filter, available ammonia, nitrates, phosphorous and other nutrients are reduced through biological pond filtration and treatment.

Learn more about the NPS Country Pond Filter, and find out how it can help you keep your pond clear, clean, and healthy.