Say Goodbye to Murky, Smelly, Green Pond Water & Duckweed

country pond filter water filtration systemOwning a pond covered with green plant growth or duckweed is less appealing unless you have feathers and webbed feet.

Since 2012 we at National Pond Service have been activity researching the development of a simple filter capable of reducing pond water nutrients. The result is our easy to install Country Pond Filter.

Benefits of Country Pond Filters Water Filtration System:

  • Easy to install in about one hour, no excavation needed.
  • NO chemicals involved, all natural products.
  • Extremely cost effective

pond maintenance water filtration system kitThe Country Pond Filter is a biological system that will help reduce nutrients in your pond. Nutrients that impact water quality may enter your pond from external sources like fertilizer runoff and when organic materials on the bottom are re-suspended or digested by microbial action.

The size of a filter is determined by calculating the surface acreage of the pond and measuring the amount of nutrients that are in the water. Filters up to one acre in size can be constructed with one piece of liner material.

No excavation is needed if a simple, level pond bank is available.

The recirculation pump for the filter uses less than 100 watts of electricity. This process removes nutrients during winter conditions when other biological products and shallow water plants are dormant. Filter components for a half acre pond are packaged in a box and can be easily assembled. Larger filters can be constructed by increasing the liner size and media volume.