If you are installing a Country Pond Filter you should locate a flat level area adjacent to your pond to position framing material or to dig a shallow basin. The size of the filter basin is generally determined by the size of your pond. We have good success using a 10 foot diameter  (75 to 80 square feet ) basin for ponds that are between one half acre and three quarters of an acre.  Big ponds or ponds with a higher P/N nutrient load may require a larger basin to accommodate more media.

Filter basins can be constructed with:

  •  pressure treated wood
  •  concrete blocks
  •  six inch drainage tile

Geotextile material is place under the frame material to protect the liner.

The basin should be six to eight inches deep. If you decide to dig the basin go down three to four inches and use the soil to build a short wall around the hole. No need to dig a deep hole because of the efficiency of the media and algae. The shape of the basin is less important than the placement and size.

This filter was framed with six inch drain tile and enhanced with a flat stone surrounding. We can help you design a filter basin that is aesthetically pleasing and functional for your pond site.

This video shows an excavated basin with an average depth of eight inches.