If you have a direct drive submersible pond pump and you are getting your pond ready for Spring it is important to check the oil level in the pump. Direct drive pumps use non-toxic turbine oil to lubricate the drive shaft assembly unlike magnetic drive pumps which require no oil. If the oil level is low or water has diluted the oil the pump may overheat and damage the bearings. Turbine oil is a lot cheaper than a new pump. Remove the pump from the skimmer box or disconnect it from the outflow pipe and locate the oil fill port. This will be a Philips head screw or a hex head machine screw. Dry the pump off and remove the screw and washer, check the oil level (three quarters full is good) and color which should be clear not milky. When tightening the screw be careful not to overtighten or the washer will get damaged. If you have a question, send us a text or give a call.

Shin Maywa Submersible Pump