19 02, 2021

Why Pond Filtration is So Important


Pond Filtration 101 Water quality is one of the most essential factors to maintaining a healthy pond or water garden. This is especially true if you have it stocked with fish and aquatic plants. In order to keep your water quality in good condition a good pond filtration system is [...]

Why Pond Filtration is So Important2021-04-22T12:42:37-04:00
10 04, 2020

Secchi Disc Values for Ponds


Using a Secchi Disc to measure water clarity can provide useful information for keeping your pond healthy. A Secchi Disc is made of metal or plastic with contrasting colors that can be observed as it is lowered into the water with a string.  A seldom used coffee or tea cup [...]

Secchi Disc Values for Ponds2020-04-10T15:57:33-04:00
6 03, 2020

Selecting a pond filter location


The best location for a Country Pond Filter is on level ground next to your pond that is elevated enough to prevent flooding and easy to mow around if needed.  Leveling the ground can be accomplished by adding material or digging down to create a flat spot slightly bigger than [...]

Selecting a pond filter location2020-07-13T13:02:22-04:00
5 03, 2020

Faux Waterfall


We created this waterfall to give the impression that it flows from the larger pond behind it. This is actually the headwaters of a 300ft stream that was constructed to cascade down a hill side and into a koi pond. The 2hp pump provides approximately 200 gallons per hour of [...]

Faux Waterfall2020-07-13T12:58:01-04:00
4 03, 2020

Garden Stream


This garden stream is a pond less feature that flows through a beautiful backyard landscape. We can build one for you.

Garden Stream2020-07-13T12:59:13-04:00
31 01, 2020

How to Reduce Duckweed Growth


Effectively Reducing Duckweed in Your Pond Duckweed (Lamnaceae) are the smallest flowering aquatic plants with a worldwide distribution. Wolffia, Spirodela, and Lemna are three genera in this botanical family. These plants float on the surface of the water as it warms and are mostly all leaf with one or more [...]

How to Reduce Duckweed Growth2020-06-24T13:38:26-04:00
29 01, 2020

Harmful Algae Blooms White Paper


Further Assessing the Efficacy of Open-Cell Foam to Remove Algae and Algae-Toxins; Cape Cod Validation This whitepaper captures the independent field validation of AquaFlex’s Open-Cell foam to remediate Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs). The mesocosm program discussed herein took place at two (2) Cape Cod, Massachusetts ponds, Lovell’s and Shubael’s, both [...]

Harmful Algae Blooms White Paper2020-01-29T09:48:27-05:00

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