25 02, 2020

How Bacteria Products work in your pond


Most indigenous microorganisms (bacteria) found in your pond fail to breakdown and remove difficult to degrade organic matter. These same bacteria may also be less efficient at reducing higher than normal levels of nutrients like phosphorous and nitrate.  When selecting a probiotic bacteria to treat your pond it helpful to [...]

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31 01, 2020

How to Reduce Duckweed Growth


Duckweed (Lamnaceae) are the smallest flowering aquatic plants with a worldwide distribution. Wolffia, Spirodela, and Lemna are three genera in this botanical family. These plants float on the surface of the water as it warms and are mostly all leaf with one or more thread like legs extending downward to [...]

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29 01, 2020

Harmful Algae Blooms White Paper


Further Assessing the Efficacy of Open-Cell Foam to Remove Algae and Algae-Toxins; Cape Cod Validation This whitepaper captures the independent field validation of AquaFlex’s Open-Cell foam to remediate Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs). The mesocosm program discussed herein took place at two (2) Cape Cod, Massachusetts ponds, Lovell’s and Shubael’s, both [...]

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