29 03, 2018

Planktonic Algae


Planktonic Algae: Pond Water Nutrient Mitigation Winter is finally leaving us here in upstate NY and it’s that time of year where we begin to think spring!  We have officially started off the season with some of our small water garden clean outs.  Check out this round water garden, unique [...]

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28 04, 2017

Save Space with a Miniature Koi Pond


Koi ponds are renowned around the world for their beauty and tranquility. The designs of koi ponds vary widely. Koi fish can be added to large, pre-existing ponds. Small ponds of all shapes and sizes can be added to a garden space. Some designers even add streams or small waterfalls to [...]

Save Space with a Miniature Koi Pond2020-07-06T10:08:03-04:00
21 04, 2017

How to Start Your Pond with Koi Fish Eggs


Imagine gazing into a pond filled with gloriously colorful, vibrant fish. Now imagine this scene is just yards from your house. Sounds like a dream, right? Actually, it's a reality, and it's closer than you might think. A small investment in some koi fish eggs and you could be well on your way [...]

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14 04, 2017

Making Your Koi Fish Care Easier than Ever


The Koi fish is one of the most beautiful types of fish. Though Koi fish aren't all the same color, the orange pigment is the most common on the fish scales. Koi fish also have long whiskers. Their interesting appearance distinguishes them from other fish types. Koi fish are admired [...]

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1 02, 2017

How to Build a Pond


How to Build a Pond: A Beginners Guide Having a pond on your property to swim in, fish, and relax by is a great enjoyment.  Building a pond can be as simple as digging a hole in the ground or more complex when excavation equipment is involved. Think about how [...]

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24 08, 2016

Pond Water Column Clarifier for Cloudy Water


Do you have issues with your pond or water garden NOT being clear?  You should try Water Column Clarifier!  This product is a nutrient consuming liquid bacteria.  Pond water column clarifier also establishes healthy bacterial cultures, consumes nitrogen and phosphate as well as keeps your ponds and fish healthy!  Not [...]

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10 05, 2016

Do you use our National Pond Service Products?


National Pond Service Products We help people enjoy ponds **All Products are eco-friendly and natural. No harm to fish, plants, or other wildlife. All-Season Pond Bacteria: Apply this product as a maintenance treatment to reduce organic sediments on the bottom of the pond. This will help keep your pond healthy [...]

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11 04, 2016

What do you know about our All Season Bacteria Pellets?


Directions: Apply 10-25 pounds per surface acre once per month or as needed. Apply 50 pounds per acre for rapid reduction around piers and shorelines. This product is a natural foundation of beneficial pond bacteria for use in large ponds and lakes. When used regularly this product will reduce bottom [...]

What do you know about our All Season Bacteria Pellets?2020-07-13T13:13:37-04:00
8 04, 2016

Country Pond Filter – Pond Water Filtration System


Say Goodbye to Murky, Smelly, Green Pond Water & Duckweed Owning a pond covered with green plant growth or duckweed is less appealing unless you have feathers and webbed feet. Since 2012 we at National Pond Service have been activity researching the development of a simple filter capable of reducing [...]

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28 03, 2016

Spring is here…..what do you need this season?


Spring is Here!!!   At last! Winter is on it's way out and we are looking forward to opening up those ponds and spending the warm Spring & Summer months enjoying their charms. Make sure you are ready to start treating your pond as soon as water temperatures are suitable, [...]

Spring is here…..what do you need this season?2016-03-28T13:14:37-04:00
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