9 07, 2020

Considering a Water Feature?


Water tends to attract attention.  The gentle sounds of flowing water sooth our senses.  We feel an automatic connection to the soft, rippling current and the mesmerizing creatures that generally come along with it.  Incorporating a water feature, water garden or pond into your landscape can help you relax at [...]

Considering a Water Feature?2021-08-27T13:39:29-04:00
6 05, 2020

A Beautiful Rock Fountain for Your Garden Pond Project


Garden Pond Construction: Rock Fountains This carved rock fountain would look beautiful in a garden with shade so the moss will continue to grow. The fountain rock is 59"long x 33"wide and 12" high and we estimate it weighs between 1000 and 1200 pounds. A pump is included to make [...]

A Beautiful Rock Fountain for Your Garden Pond Project2020-10-21T13:44:13-04:00
5 03, 2020

Fire Hydrant Pond


We recently built this fire hydrant pond for a new lavender farm. The pond measures approximately 40ft x 35ft and has a HDPE 30mil liner.  A small Oase fountain was added for the entertainment of guest attending a wedding.  

Fire Hydrant Pond2020-03-05T13:51:44-05:00
5 03, 2020

Faux Waterfall


We created this waterfall to give the impression that it flows from the larger pond behind it. This is actually the headwaters of a 300ft stream that was constructed to cascade down a hill side and into a koi pond. The 2hp pump provides approximately 200 gallons per hour of [...]

Faux Waterfall2020-07-13T12:58:01-04:00
4 03, 2020

Garden Stream


This garden stream is a pond less feature that flows through a beautiful backyard landscape. We can build one for you.

Garden Stream2020-07-13T12:59:13-04:00

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