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1910, 2020

Family Dogs Die After Playing by North Carolina Pond

Family Dogs Die After Playing by North Carolina Pond PEOPLE.COM reports: Three Dogs Die of Toxic Algae Poisoning hours after playing by North Carolina pond. A doggie playdate at a park in North Carolina turned tragic after three pups died from blue green algae poisoning from a pond’s harmful algal bloom. The dogs all experienced seizures, the first [...]

2006, 2020

How Bacteria Products Work in Your Pond

Pond Maintenance: The Role of Bacteria Products in Your Pond Most indigenous microorganisms (bacteria) found in your pond fail to breakdown and remove difficult to degrade organic matter. These same bacteria may also be less efficient at reducing higher than normal levels of nutrients like phosphorous and nitrate.  When selecting a probiotic bacteria to treat your pond, it [...]

605, 2020

A Beautiful Rock Fountain for Your Garden Pond Project

Garden Pond Construction: Rock Fountains This carved rock fountain would look beautiful in a garden with shade so the moss will continue to grow. The fountain rock is 59"long x 33"wide and 12" high and we estimate it weighs between 1000 and 1200 pounds. A pump is included to make water flow from the top basin thru the [...]

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