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1303, 2020

Algae Blooms on ponds after ice out

I took this picture after the ice just disappeared on this pond. Why is there so much live green algae? The most likely cause is the release of nutrients from the organic sediments on the bottom of this pond, no surface waters run into it. Along the edge there are several large willow trees and dense growths of [...]

603, 2020

Country Pond Filter trimming the liner

As mentioned on the previous blog it is important to have the basin full of water and the system flowing before you start trimming the liner just in case an adjustment is needed or you have soft soil (sand)beneath the filter.  When trimming the raceway liner it is best to leave  6 to 8 extra inches of liner [...]

603, 2020

Country Pond Filter liner installation

After the basin frame is constructed and leveled, position the two pieces of 30mil liner. The larger piece is for the basin and the other piece is for the return raceway.  It is helpful to dig a shallow channel from the basin frame to the pond edge before placing the raceway liner material. This will help keep the [...]

503, 2020

Fire Hydrant Pond

We recently built this fire hydrant pond for a new lavender farm. The pond measures approximately 40ft x 35ft and has a HDPE 30mil liner.  A small Oase fountain was added for the entertainment of guest attending a wedding.  

203, 2020

Is Duckweed covering your Pond?

We have created a check list of considerations and actions to take if duckweed is growing on the surface of your pond:    Duckweed can survive a PH range from 5 to 9 and grows well between 6.5 and 7.5  If the PH is below 7.0 ammonia can be kept in its ionized state as ammonium which is [...]

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