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311, 2020

Toxicology of Microsystins – California EPA Report

From the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment Microcystins: January 2009 - A brief overview of their toxicity and effects, with special reference to fish, wildlife, and livestock. Ecotoxicology Program Integrated Risk Assessment Branch Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment California Environmental Protection Agency Cyanobacteria, also known as blue-green algae, are a family of single-celled algae that [...]

211, 2020

Study: Toxic Algae Blooms Possibly Linked to Lou Gehrig’s Disease

REPORT: Are Algae Blooms Linked to Lou Gehrig's Disease? Scientific American  - Environmental Health News Reports: (SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN) December 11, 2014 - Medical researchers are now uncovering clues that appear to link some cases of ALS to people’s proximity to lakes and coastal waters. About five years ago, doctors at a New Hampshire hospital noticed a pattern in [...]

3010, 2020

NY Finger Lakes Toxic Algae Bloom Report 2020

FingerLakes1.Com Reports: (SENECA FALLS, NY - October 29, 2020) On the morning of July 4, Cayuga Lake’s first suspected harmful algal bloom of the season was spotted on the shoreline near the Beacon Bay Marina at the lake’s northeastern tip. Tests showed that its water samples easily exceeded the state’s cutoff for a “high toxin” bloom. Samples taken [...]

2710, 2020

Dangerous Algal Blooms Becoming More Common

REPORT: Sounding the Toxic Algae Alarm NC Health News Reports: Swallowing or swimming in water during a dangerous bloom can produce skin rashes, liver injury and neurological changes. Toxic algae metabolites can also harm or kill pets and livestock. The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality confirmed the presence of potentially harmful cyanobacteria algae 19 times across North [...]

2110, 2020

Is There a Link Between Cyanobacteria and ALS?

REPORT: Could there be a link between Cyanobacteria and ALS? New Hampshire lakes, scientists are exploring idea WMUR Reports: LEBANON, N.H. — Doctors and scientists at Dartmouth College and the University of New Hampshire are among a team exploring whether environmental toxins may be related to neurodegenerative diseases. They have found that cyanobacteria, formerly known as blue-green algae, [...]

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