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1102, 2020

Country Pond Filter basin design

If you are installing a Country Pond Filter you should locate a flat level area adjacent to your pond to position framing material or to dig a shallow basin. The size of the filter basin is generally determined by the size of your pond. We have good success using a 10 foot diameter  (75 to 80 square feet [...]

502, 2020

Country Pond Filter

The Country Pond Filter is a biological system that will help reduce nutrients in your pond. Nutrients that impact water quality may enter your pond from external sources like fertilizer runoff and when organic materials on the bottom are re-suspended or digested by microbial action. • No excavation is needed if a level pond bank is available. • [...]

302, 2020

Pond Filtration for Reducing Duckweed

Filtering your pond water to directly compete with duckweed for nutrients is measurably effective, economical and low maintenance. We have field tested and monitored all kinds of methods and contraptions for removing duckweed but have settled on reducing the nutrients that these plants need to be susstainable.  Our filtration system evolved from university research and time spent in [...]

3001, 2020

What is Duckweed

What is Duckweed? Duckweed (Lamnaceae) are the smallest flowering aquatic plants with a worldwide distribution. Wolffia, Spirodela, and Lemna are three genera in this botanical family. These plants float on the surface of the water as it warms and are mostly all leaf with one or more thread like legs extending downward to absorb nutrients. When water temperatures [...]

2901, 2020

Using BioChar in your pond or lake

What is BioChar Biochar looks like charcoal but is made by a controlled process called pyrolysis that reduces material contamination and increases carbon storage. The result is a lightweight porous material with a very large surface area. Biochar has the ability to absorb phosphorous from pond or lake water which is great for maintaining clean water.  Our biochar [...]

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