About National Pond Service

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Commercial & Residential Pond & Water Garden Installation & Maintenance

National Pond Service of Rochester (Canandaigua), New York has been helping residential, commercial, and agricultural pond owners with their aquatic maintenance and management needs for over 20 years. Since it’s founding by James Kennedy over 20 years ago, National Pond service has grown to be one of the most highly respected and widely recognized pond, water garden, and water feature management companies in the United States.

Total Pond Maintenance & Management Services

Our comprehensive pond management and maintenance services include nutrient reduction to maintain a healthy aquatic ecosystem. We also provide fish stocking and surveying, and fish management for ponds of all sizes as well as residential and commercial water gardens and water features. We are also a leading supplier of pond diffuser and aeration systems to mitigate harmful pond and aquatic oxygen level depletion.

With National Pond Service, your pond maintenance and management services are delivered by an experienced, professional team of aquatic and environmental professionals.  We are dedicated to the highest standards of professional and technical services.

Total Pond Care & Maintenance Services

National Pond Service provides complete, professional pond care and maintenance services include algae, duckweed, and aquatic weed management solutions, fountain and aeration services, pond construction and repair, as well as shoreline and ecosystem maintenance.